Halloween magic

Halloween magic.

This is a beautiful time of year.
The colours red, brown, orange, yellow. So fresh and rustic.
The evenings getting darker with a nip in the air and a faint smell of fire.
And with this time of year comes the spooky magic of Halloween.
Here in England the magic of Halloween is growing as we throw ourselves into our growing love of pumpkins and scares.

Children dressed up and pleading with mum for face paint and wigs so they can giggle around the streets like groups of hyper sheet covered whirlwinds.
A sense of community is forming. Pumpkins placed on doorsteps, houses dressed in spiderweb and lights.

Trick or treat!
Children grab a sweet then whizz off to the next door. The trick or treat scene in ET always comes to mind.

But while you are having this Halloween fun something very important needs to be remembered!
Halloween is a little different for some . IMG_20161027_144220.jpg

When you open the door with a bowl of sweets in hand to a big lad in plain clothes and he thrust his hand carelessly into the bowl grabbing a few without a word , then head down he shuffles awkwardly down the path with no shout of thank you.
This lad may be autistic and it’s taken everything he has just to get out the house and knock on the door, he may only knock on 2 or 3 doors but he chose yours. He grabbed a few sweets because his hands don’t work the way they should. He can’t dress up as he struggles to understand the difference of a costume and real life. He didn’t say thank you because he can’t speak!

Or maybe when you’re out with your children you see a little girl crying on the ground. She suddenly became overwhelmed with everything she has seen and heard!

Maybe when your little one knocks on a door but when it does open the child inside runs further into the house because they simply do not understand why someone tried to take a sweet from them.

Please enjoy watching your children dress up and laugh, then hurry around the streets like little ET’S, eventually coming home carrying full candy bags to enjoy pumpkin soup and hot chocolate.
Just please remember that not everyone understands the rules.
That little boy isn’t being rude he just doesn’t have a voice to thank you.

We all deserve even a little sprinkling of the Halloween magic.


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