Special needs parents are not saints.

Special needs parents are not saints.

I know there’s some kind of saintly image that us parents of children with additional needs are supposed to uphold. ..but we are just people, nothing more. .

” I don’t know how you do it ” well you know what? Neither do I!

We still shout on occasions, and forgot important things, mutter certain words under our breath, just like any other parent.
And I tell you something else, we get sick of doing certain things, nappies for instance!

I have changed mucky nappies for 10 years now without a break, well 12 if you count the first two years of my eldest son’s life.
10 years of poop, 10 years of your finger going through the wet wipe. …yuk. …
I would love to wake up in the morning and not have to strip the bedding again. .

And I would rather shut my head (repeatedly ) in a car door, than hear the opening theme tune of a certain kid’s programme again.

And do you know my wildest fantasy?
Staying over night in a hotel. .alone! ! Sleeping away to my hearts content, and being able to go to the toilet during the night and flush the chain, without the fear of waking a child.

Oh and another thing. .we wing it sometimes!
We are not trained and given the knowledge for this type of parenting , we research, do trial and error, and if all else fails we wing it.

Yes it’s true we need alot of patience, buckets of it! but the truth is it uses up all our patience parenting, so we don’t have much left for the rest of life, especially for other people. .there i said It. …

Now some of you must be thinking I’m awful by now but I have 2 things left to say. …

1 )I’m still a bloody good parent. .

2)Screenshot_2017-05-31-20-02-27.png I bet if most of you are honest, you can completely relate. .


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  1. aimz18 says:

    My friends boy has Downs Syndrome and she often releases her stress via Facebook, it’s refreshing to see other “non-perfect” parents xx


  2. Well I’m a saint! Haha yea right, no I’m not, I’m the same I will loose my patience, oh but you have all the patience in the world, nope, it does go and it could be on any person, my son, my husband even you! I agree I’m sick of poop and he’s not quite 5. Oh and to sleep…. just one night all alone!


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